The Local 168 JATC curriculum along with all United Association Apprenticeship Programs in Ohio have been evaluated by the Ohio Higher Learning Commission as 36 college credits of coursework. The Local 168 JATC partners with Owens Community College, one of the state’s leading providers of career and technical education to award direct college credits for hours completed in our programs. At no cost, our apprentices are duel enrolled in both our apprenticeship and Owens Community College.

That means when an apprentice graduates from our five-year apprenticeship program, they will have earned 36 college credits at no cost. If interested, our apprentices can work on completing the remaining 24 hours of an Associate’s Degree while in the apprenticeship, and graduate with an Associate’s Degree at a very minimal cost. These classes can even be completed online. Consult with our Training Coordinator for further information or for assistance in registering for those additional classes with a partnering institution.

Owens Community College  |  WCCC/UA Degree Program